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Safety comes first with All Systems Communications Contracting Inc.


All Systems Communications Contracting Inc. is committed to the safety and health of each individual for whom it is responsible and to protecting the environment. We strive to meet and exceed all government and industry standards and practices.


Staff participation in our Health, Safety and Environment program is mandatory at all levels of the company. Our program includes such items as:

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Clearly stated company policy

  • Hazard alerts

  • Education and training in relevant topics

  • Prompt and thorough review of all incidents

  • Regular safety meetings


All Systems Communications Contracting Inc.'s Objective


Our objective is to manage our company in a way which minimizes safety and health risks, encourages a healthy lifestyle, maximizes wellness and promotes ongoing education and training.


All Systems Communications Contracting Inc. is COR Certified


Our health and safety management system has earned us a Certificate of Recognition (COR) designation issued by the Alberta Construction Safety Association and the Alberta Employment and Immigration.

In addition to meeting our company safety objectives, the designation permits us to bid on a wider range of projects, namely those which expect contractors bidding to hold a valid COR.

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