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Helping protect what is most important to you.

Expect the unexpected with a tailor designed, state of the art security system that meets any institution’s requirements. All Systems Communications Contracting Inc. believes that nothing is more reassuring for its corporate, commercial, healthcare and educational customers then a well-designed solution to manage the 21st century security challenges. Our solutions include: CCTV, Card Access, Biometrics, Door Control, Keypad Door Entry, and Intrusion and motion alarms.

Gallagher Access Control

Gallagher Access Control offers a comprehensive range of security solutions designed to regulate and manage access to premises effectively. Their offerings include:

  • Advanced access control systems that utilize cutting-edge technologies such as biometrics, smart cards, and PINs to control entry to buildings, ensuring only authorized individuals gain access.

  • They offer integrated security platforms that combine access control with other security measures such as intrusion detection, video surveillance, and alarm systems, providing a holistic approach to security management.

  • Gallagher's visitor management solutions streamline the process of managing guests and contractors entering a facility, enhancing security while maintaining a welcoming environment.

  • Embracing the trend towards mobile solutions, Gallagher offers mobile access technology that allows authorized users to enter premises using their smartphones, improving convenience without compromising security.

  • With cloud-based access control solutions, Gallagher enables remote management of access permissions, real-time monitoring of activity, and seamless scalability to adapt to evolving security needs.

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